DR K-12 Portfolio Snapshot

The NSF DR K-12 program consists of projects covering a diverse range of topics and products. Below you will find a snapshot of all 4 cohorts of the DR K-12 portfolio of projects.*

Click here to access the complete portfolio analysis of cohorts 1, 2 and 3.

Number of Projects Funded per Year within the DR K-12 Program

The DR K-12 portfolio consists of 248 active projects within 4 different funding cohorts of varying sizes.

Cycle of Research and Development

The cycle of research and development was created by NSF to show the flow of work between the different stages of research and development. Individual DR K-12 projects generally focus on 1 (or 2) stages of this cycle.


Target Segment of the Education Population

DR K-12 projects target a diverse education population; however, the majority of the projects work with teachers and/or students.


Projects Focusing on Resource, Models, and Technologies

Many of the DR K-12 projects develop resources (87%), technologies (42%) and/or models (37%). Examples of resources include curriculum or guides for those who facilitate professional development guides. Examples of technologies include educational games or computer-based assessments. Examples of models include teacher professional development programs or theoretical frameworks.


Grade Levels Addressed in Projects

The portfolio of DR K-12 projects include work across grades Pre-K to High School, as well as a smattering of projects that also work with community colleges or college/universities.


Disciplines Addressed in Projects

The majority of the DR K-12 projects touch upon science and/or math. Most other work is multi-disciplinary; for ex. science and technology.



* This data is from May 2011 

Note: When the information on the graph does not equal 100%, this indicates that projects overlapped between categories. For example, a project's work could focus on elementary AND middle school teachers.