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Video Analysis of Science Teaching: Developing a Shared Words-to-images Analytical Tool

This project will develop video-case modules for use in pre-service teacher preparation programs. Modules will target specific grade bands (K-3, 4-5, 6-8) and address standards-based content domains, to help future teachers deepen their content knowledge, pedagogic skills and ability to analyze student thinking. The cases will illustrate reform classroom practices and more traditional instruction, include interviews with teachers and students, and incorporate a set of analytic tasks that promote users' critical observations of the cases.

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Sat, 08/01/2009 to Sat, 07/31/2010
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National Forum for Action on the Report of the National Math Panel

The Conference Board for the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) is collaborating with the U.S. Department of Education to host a forum in Washington, DC designed to launch action for change in mathematics education based on the recommendations of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. This forum will focus specifically on the following four areas: teachers and teacher education, learning processes, instructional material, and standards of evidence—research policies and mechanisms.

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Mon, 09/15/2008 to Tue, 08/31/2010

NSF Impact Methodology Conference

This workshop aimed to develop a consensus on the best methods for selecting the most important outcomes of NSF’s mathematics and science education funding over the past few decades and for assessing the impacts of these outcomes. Issues addressed included how to select the NSF programs to be assessed; which persons should be interviewed; which methodologies should be used to assess program impact; and how data would be gathered, organized, reported, and disseminated.

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Fri, 02/15/2008 to Sat, 01/31/2009

Center for High Energy Physics Research and Education Outreach (CHEPREO): An Inter-regional Grid Enabled Center for High Energy Physics at FIU

In its first five years, this project established a durable and vibrant learning community of high school teachers, high school students, university students, scientists, faculty, and associated stake-holders that continues to attract science and math students, using the project’s cutting-edge science and advanced cyberinfrastructure as compelling elements of study. This project continues by providing an education and research partnership derived from basic research in particle physics, grid computing, and advanced networking.

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Mon, 09/15/2008 to Tue, 08/31/2010

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC): The Georgia Tech Laboratory for New Electronic Materials

This project addresses the need for new electronic materials and associated processes for applications in microelectronics, optics and sensors. Materials growth methods, electrical, chemical and physical characterization, pattern generation, device fabrication, and theory/modeling are invoked to ensure holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to the development and investigation of novel materials and devices.

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Mon, 09/01/2008 to Sun, 08/31/2014

Phi Delta Kappa International (PDK)

Phi Delta Kappa International is the premier professional association for educators. For more than 100 years, it has focused its work on the tenets of service, research, and leadership.

PDK is one of the largest education associations and has more than 35,000 members, including teachers, principals, superintendents, and higher education faculty and administrators. PDK publishes the highly-regarded Phi Delta Kappan, the No. 1 education policy magazine, and sponsors the annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

The American Educational Research Association (AERA), founded in 1916, is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results. 

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