New CADRE Resources!

CADRE is pleased to announce 3 new resources produced by CADRE partners and/or DR K-12 PIs with support from CADRE:

Evaluation in DR K-12 Projects: Options

November 2012

Each DR K-12 project has formative and summative evaluation, which are different from the project’s own R&D activities and instead should support and measure the effectiveness of those activities. This paper discusses evaluation options for investigators and evaluators to consider.

 From Dissemination to Knowledge Use: Options for DR K-12

November 2012

To foster knowledge use among policy makers or practitioners requires a substantial effort that invests in sustained interaction and enlists a range of supports for the prospective knowledge users. This paper discusses some options for more effective dissemination efforts that could lead to knowledge use.

Compendium of STEM Student Instruments PART II: Measuring Students’ Content Knowledge, Reasoning Skills, and Psychological Attributes

November 2012

This compendium of measures is Part II of a two part series to provide insight into the measurement tools available to generate efficacy and effectiveness evidence, as well as understand processes relevant to teaching and learning. Part I looks at teacher outcome assessments, and Part II looks at student outcome assessments.

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