Cyberlearning Call for Participation & Speaker Nominations

Cyberlearning Research Summit, June 9-10, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin
(immediately before Games, Learning & Society, held at the same location)

The Cyberlearning Research Summit will be a gathering of researchers [regardless of funding source] focused on highlighting advances in the design of technology-mediated learning environments, how people learn with technology, and how to use cyberlearning technologies to effectively collect, analyze, and manage data to shed light on learning. We also seek ways to couple the Learning Sciences with related fields of innovation to leverage new technology affordances for the deepest learning outcomes. The Summit, which will occur every two years, provides a powerful forum for engaging around big ideas and preparing to communicate Cyberlearning impacts to broader audiences. The premier Summit held in January 2012 featuring talks on “big ideas” was highly recognized, and the archived videos of presentations continue to be widely used (over 25,000 views). Read more.