CADRE Postdoc Professional Growth Opportunity

Application deadline was February 20, 2018. We will announce the selected postdocs in mid-March.

CADRE is inviting 10 postdoctoral researchers who work in the field of STEM education research to attend the 2018 DRK-12 PI Meeting. The PI meeting is an opportunity for the DRK-12 community to network with one another and build and share new knowledge, best practices, and tools critical to increasing the impact and sustainability of DRK-12 work over time. This year’s meeting is being held June 6-8, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

CADRE aims to establish a cohort of postdocs that represents diverse backgrounds, experience, interests, professional goals, institutions, and geographic regions. These postdocs will have the opportunity to attend the PI Meeting to participate in topical sessions (see the 2016 PI Meeting agenda for examples of past sessions), network with current DRK-12 awardees, and meet NSF program directors. CADRE will also offer activities specifically designed for postdocs to learn about NSF proposal development, explore career paths and issues, and network with other early career STEM education researchers. Prior to the meeting in June, the postdoc cohort will meet for two online meetings to learn about each other’s research and prepare for the PI meeting. The postdocs will be expected to contribute to the DRK-12 network by 1) informally mentoring a CADRE Fellow on topics such as looking for postdoc positions or writing your dissertation; 2) writing a blog post based on a PI meeting session or a theme that arises across sessions; or 3) contributing to the creation of a resource to support other early career researchers. CADRE will cover the expense of approved travel and lodging for each accepted postdoc (up to $1000 per postdoc).

We invite PIs and co-PIs on current DRK-12 projects to nominate a postdoc in STEM education research who you think would benefit from this opportunity. The postdoc can be a member of your project team, someone within your department, or a postdoc with whom you’ve had the opportunity to work in a different capacity but can speak to the quality of their work. Once you choose your nominee, please invite that person to complete the application form available here:

Applicants must:

1. Be a postdoc at an academic institution (or hold a similar position at a non-academic education research organization).
2. Be nominated by a PI or co-PI on a current DRK-12 project. (Note: The PI or co-PI does not have to be in attendance at the PI meeting.)
3. Have research experience in education and exhibit evidence of leadership and academic success.
4. Demonstrate the desire and potential for advancing STEM education in meaningful ways.
5. Have professional experience and/or career goals that contribute to broadening participation in STEM education.
6. Be able to fully engage in the 2018 DRK-12 PI Meeting and meet the expectations outlined above.

Applications are due by Tuesday, February 20, 2018. In addition to the letter of recommendation from the nominating PI or co-PI, or other supervisor, applicants must submit an application form, CV, and personal statement. (See guidelines for personal statements and letters of recommendation.)