Projects & People: Special Interest Groups Continue Conversations

Ten Special Interest Groups (SIGs) met at the 2009 DR K-12 PI Meeting to discuss common interests and challenges as well as possible areas for future collaboration and work: Algebra K-12, Designed Curriculum in the 21st Century, Discourse and Language, Early Childhood Education, Gaming, Learning Science in Informal Environments, Recruitment and Retention, Roles of Technology in STEM Teaching and Learning, Social Networking, and Working in Diverse Contexts. Summaries from each of these discussions are available here.  (Note: This link directs you to the website used for the 2009 DR K-12 PI Meeting. Summaries of each SIG discussion at the PI meeting are also available on the CADRE website.) CADRE has heard from many PIs who are interested in continuing the conversations begun at the PI Meeting. CADRE is now determining next steps and identifying resources and supports for groups that wish to continue, including establishing listservs. In addition to these groups, we are introducing an Engineering SIG and will support new communities as areas of collective interest emerge.

If you are interested in participating in one of CADRE's active SIGs or have suggestions for future SIG topics, please email