Welcome To CADRE

Dear DR-K12 PI,

At the fall 2008 DR-K12 PI meeting, Joan Ferrini-Mundy announced the formation of a network, housed at EDC, to provide support to grantees in the Discovery Research portfolio. Network staff tried to meet with each PI at least to say hello and learn a little about your project. Since that time, most of you have provided proposal and annual report information to Abt Associates, a partner in this network initiative. We thank you for this information as it will allow us to help NSF, and the DR-K12 community, to better understand the scope and depth of research currently being conducted on STEM resources, materials, and tools.

We now have a name for the network: we are calling ourselves CADRE, the acronym for the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education. Over the course of five years, we will organize PI meetings, thematic meetings, working groups, and in-person and virtual communities of practice. We will also prepare a range of print and electronic products designed to be useful to PIs in their current projects or in moving their work forward in the future. In addition, dissemination will be a big emphasis for CADRE’s support to grantees. We share NSF's belief that the research and development related to new DR-K12 resources, materials, and tools can best inform both policy and practice if and only if the collective body of work is disseminated in a focused way.

The foundation of CADRE's programs and services will be the knowledge and expertise of PIs. Much of what we do will be matchmaking: networking you with your colleagues, helping to establish working groups and joint presentations, and developing new and innovative ways of collaboration. We will also be poised to provide, if necessary, specific expertise from EDC, Abt, and Policy Studies Associates (PSA).

We plan to speak with you over the next few months, introduce you in a more personal way to CADRE, and learn how this can be a useful support to you and your team.

For your information, EDC co-PIs Jackie Miller and Paul Goldenberg are involved in our support strand; Abt’s Fran O'Reilly and Alina Martinez oversee the portfolio analysis and thematic studies; and PSA’s Brenda Turnbull and Derek Riley coordinate the dissemination component. Catherine McCulloch serves as CADRE's project director. Our evaluators are the UMass Donahue Institute.

We look forward to speaking with you soon. In the interim, please feel free to contact me directly (bberns@edc.org).

Barbara Brauner Berns
CADRE Principal Investigator