STEM ELL Publication List


This list of ELL resources is a working document prepared by CADRE for the ELL Working Group. New resources will be added as they are identified. This list includes the citation and the article abstract. Please do not circulate or quote this list of resources. Sources are organized alphabetically by STEM Content area (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and by the general education topic explored in the paper (assessment, curriculum, instruction, language, professional development, system/policy, technology, and writing). Articles related to technology are listed twice, once within each content area as the topic, and also separated out at the end for technology for ease of searching.

Our searches utilized the ERIC and EBSCO databases (fn 1) using the following search terms: “math” or “math educat*” (fn 2) or “science” or “science educat*” in combination with "English Language Learner," ELL, "Dual Language Learner", DLL, bilingual, "Limited English Proficient," LEP, ESOL, or "English Speakers of Other Languages." Math searches in the ERIC and EBSCO databases included all literature published since 1966. As the science searches were intended to update a pre-existing literature synthesis (Lee, 2005), we looked for peer-reviewed articles published between 2005 and the present.

To insure that we had located the key articles, we ran searches on specific journals of interest including: Elementary School Journal, the Harvard Educational Review, the Journal of Research in Science Teaching Science Education, the Journal of Research in Mathematics Education, and the journals published by AERA. These follow-up searches focused on articles published since 2000.  Furthermore, as recommended by Ohkee Lee, we ran specific google searches on three authors (L. Khisty, J. Moschkovich, and R. Gutierrez) who focus on issues of ELL and math education. Additional articles were recommended by PIs.

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