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Tips for Planning a Conference Session

It can be a challenge to plan a conference session that effectively engages panelists from different institutions and research backgrounds. The panelists may or may not know one another, or one another’s work. How do you plan for a dialogue that showcases each panelist and their work while also highlighting areas of overlapping interest? Here are a session designer’s strategies as remarked upon by the panelists involved in the session.

Connecting Informal and Formal STEM Learning

In this video conversation, listen to Dr. Rabiah Mayas and Dennis Schatz discuss the benefits and critical elements of programs that connect formal STEM education to the teaching and learning that happens in homes, communities, and informal institutions. They also consider the opportunities for the field, especially in the context of social justice movements and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Conceptual Replications in STEM Education Research

Despite the abundant and frequent calls for replication studies from research communities (e.g., Shavelson & Towne, 2002) and funding agencies (e.g., IES & NSF, 2013), the number of such studies remains stubbornly small. For example, in an analysis of all articles published since 1900 in the top 10 psychological journals, Makel, Plucker, and Hegarty (2012) found that less than 1% were replication studies.


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