Greetings from CADRE

Dear Colleagues,

With the December PI meeting behind us, we are now planning some follow-up support for grantees who participated in special interest groups and job-alike groups. We are organizing activities for the CADRE Fellows who appreciated the opportunity to attend sessions and network with those of you who are experienced STEM researchers and developers. Their reflections are quite revealing and we hope you will read and respond to their blog entries. Visit to view postings from the meetings including PowerPoints and a virtual poster gallery. If you still need to send us your materials electronically, it’s not too late!

DR K-12 received over 500 proposals this round, and we know that many of you are serving as reviewers. We expect that the new awardees will expand the expertise within the portfolio. If this new group includes a large number of PIs and Co-PIs new to NSF funding, we will be looking to you for ways to support their entry into this complex environment. A major effort of CADRE’s outreach will be new and emergent leaders in STEM research and development.

Additionally, as CADRE moves forward, we expect to disseminate the learnings and findings of your collective work, with the goal of “crossing the abyss” identified by Joan Ferrini-Mundy and Sue Allen in their plenary address at the PI meeting.

Please feel free to contact us with ways to better support the DR K-12 community.


Barbara Berns
CADRE Principal Investigator