Event: 2010 DR K-12 PI Meeting

Many thanks to presenters and attendees for making this year's meeting a success. We encourage you to take advantage of the following meeting-related content on the CADRE website.

CADRE Fellows' Reflections on the Meeting
As emerging researchers and developers, the 2010-2011 Fellows brought a fresh perspective to this year's meeting. In the CADRE blog, they offer their reflections on the PI meeting and challenge us to keep chewing on difficult questions and issues that relate to our work. For example:

"By repudiating direct instruction and other 'classic' methods in the math classrooms, are we able to offer the best curriculum possible?" 

"Does the notion of learning progressions even make sense, or is there something else that would more accurately represent students' thinking/teachers' practice?" 

"Would an effort to market our products in the manner of commercial developers really amount to selling out?" 

Find Fellows' opinions on these questions and more, below.

Virtual Poster Hall
Many of the posters presented at the 2010 DR K-12 PI Meeting are available for "virtual" visits and discussions. Stop by!

Visit the 2010 Virtual Poster Hall

Session Materials
Slides and handouts are available for most PI meeting sessions. To download these materials, visit the online agenda and select the session(s) that interest you.

Visit the 2010 DR K-12 PI Meeting Agenda