Project Smart Search One-Line Wiki

Project Smart Search makes finding and learning about projects that best match your interests as easy as 1 2 3:


  1. Select Keywords: Define the projects you're searching for by selecting keywords that characterize the project's work (Products, Project Focus, Project Type, Target Audience) or what is challenging about that work (Challenge Area).
  2. Refine the Results: Use the hot/cold slider to further define the projects you're interested in. Move the slider toward "hot" if a keyword should be of high importance in the project. Move the slider toward cold if a keyword should be of lesser importance in the project.
  3. Learn More: Best matches will appear on the top left and read from left to right. Scroll over the project logo to read the full title, and click on the logo to view the project's full profile.



Pick keywords from the Keyword folders below to find projects that match your interests or projects that are facing similar challenges in K-12 education research.





latest version

I would be interested to see what this longer version looks like on the site. I had imagined something shorter, but this seems to have the most important info needed for the user to get started. Would you post it to the page so we can all see?