Greetings from CADRE

Dear Colleagues,

Summer is coming to an end, and CADRE is planning the 2010 DR K-12 PI meeting. Scheduled for Dec. 1-3 in D.C., we are trying hard to incorporate evaluation findings, advisors’ suggestions, NSF’s ideas, and our own perspectives. One thing we know for sure: there will be time for networking, fewer big plenaries, and more small working sessions for those of you who are participating in special interest groups, or wish to do so.

On Sept. 8th, the Knowledge Use group met to work on a guide that will help grantees to develop partnerships between researchers/developers and schools. On Sept. 22nd the Science Curriculum group will have a second meeting to explore the affordances of digital curriculum. On October 4th, the ELL group will reconvene to touch base about the challenges faced this year, and to look at some ongoing research on ELL in the DR K-12 portfolio in light of research in the larger research community. Finally, plans are underway for two new assessment groups: one focusing on psychometric measures for technology-based assessment to be up and running by early October, and another focusing on assessment and pedagogical practices in diagnostic learning environments.

Other special interest groups are reconvening in preparation for the PI meeting. If you are interested in joining an existing group (algebra, assessment, curriculum design, ELL, engineering, gaming, knowledge use, working in diverse contexts) or even starting your own, just let us know by emailing

We will try not to flood your inbox, but there are many specifics about the PI meeting and SIGs that will be forthcoming. In the meantime, we want to let you know that the new DR K-12 solicitation has been released and can be found on the NSF website.