What do we know? What are we learning? These publications reflect findings from DR K-12 projects and the larger research community and can inform and advance the state of STEM education research, development, practice, and policy.
TitleAuthor(s)Yearsort icon
Challenges of critical colleagueship: Examining and reflecting on study group interactionsMales, L, Otten, S, Herbel-Eisenmann, Beth
Lexical bundle analysis in mathematics classroom discourse: The significance of stanceHerbel-Eisenmann, Beth, Wagner, D, Cortes, V
Proof in algebra: An example of reasoning beyond examplesOtten, S., Herbel-Eisenmann, B., Males, L.M.
Beyond Bridging PersonnelRomano
Investigating How Setting Up Cognitively Demanding Tasks is Related to Opportunities to Learn in Middle-­Grades Mathematics ClassroomsJackson, Kara, Garrison, Anne, Wilson, Jonee, Gibbons, Lynsey, Shahan, Emily
New Measurement ParadigmsTBD
Developing symbol sense for the minus signBishop, Jessica, Lamb, Lisa
The role of principal leadership in math teacher induction.McGraner, K., Robbins, D., & Vilines, L.
How Does Organizational Context Influence New Teachers’ Visions of High-Quality Math Instruction?Smith, T., Hochberg, E. & Tobin, K.
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