Miss that session that was all the buzz? These presentations by CADRE community members offer windows into the latest, the greatest, and the challenging questions emerging from DR K-12 projects.

Title First Name Last Name Yearsort icon
Conceptualizing and measuring the quality of the mentoring relationship. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
“Assessment of Induction and Mentoring: Study Design and First Year Findings” Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Formal and informal mentoring in the first year of teaching. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Leading New Teacher Learning: The Role of School Principals in the Induction of Beginning Math Teachers. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Leading the Induction of Beginning Mathematics Teachers: The Role of District and School Leadership. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Are We on the Same Page? Mentors, Principals, and District Leaders’ Perceptions of New Teacher Challenges. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Help in Numbers? Understanding Teachers Use of Formal and Informal Mentors. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
How Does the Local Policy Context Shape New Teachers’ Visions of High-Quality Math Instruction? Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
“How Does the Organizational and Policy Context of Schools Influence New Teachers’ Vision of High-Quality Mathematics Instruction?” Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Assessing Mathematics Teachers’ Instructional Practices. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2009
Teaching and Learning about Complex Earth Systems: Effective Strategies in Undergraduate Classrooms and Teacher Development Programs Hye Jeong Kim 2008
Promoting inquiry among science and mathematics teachers: Measuring success in a five-level professional learning community Hye Jeong Kim 2008
A Partnership Supporting Math and Science Teachers K-12-See how it works! International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Hye Jeong Kim 2008
Models of Student Learning: Learning Trajectories for integrating Curriculum Development, Professional Development and Assessment Amanda Miller 2008
Crafting Research Tools to Establish a Learning Progression on Measurement Amanda Miller 2008
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