Miss that session that was all the buzz? These presentations by CADRE community members offer windows into the latest, the greatest, and the challenging questions emerging from DR K-12 projects.

Title First Name Last Namesort icon Year
Children's Measurement Project: Longitudnal Examination of Children's Unit Operations in Spatial Measurement Amanda Miller 2010
Length Measurement Learning Trajectory: Validation of Learning Trajectories with Longitudinal Research Amanda Miller 2009
Hypothetical Learning Trajectory for Measurement: A Disciplinary Study Amanda Miller 2009
Children's Measurement Project: A Longitudinal Study Amanda Miller 2009
Design Patterns: Supporting Task Design by Scaffolding the Assessment Argument (Mislevy, Haertel, Cheng) Robert Mislevy 2009
Understanding the Fidelity of Implementation and Scalability of Mathematics Professional Development Curricula (Moeller, Seago, Borko) Babette Moeller 2009
Helping Staff Developers: Improve Math Education for Students with Disabilities (Moeller) Babette Moeller 2009
Helping Staff Developers Improve Math Education for Students with Disabilities Babette Moeller 2010
Science in Global Issues: An Integrated High School Science Course (Nagle) Barbara Nagle 2009
Situated Assessments Using Virtual Environments : The SAVE Science Project Uma Natarajan 2010
Reading and Writing the News Alan Newman 2013
Integrating Science and Literacy—A Journey, Not a Destination Alan Newman 2013
New Approaches to Critical Thinking for the 21st Century Alan Newman 2013
Science Journalism as a Preparation for Everyday Scientific Literacy. In L. Bricker, Reading, writing and communication science. Alan Newman 2013
Science Journalism Experiences from a Youth Perspective: Who or What Transforms? In T. Sato, Learners in Action Alan Newman 2013
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