Miss that session that was all the buzz? These presentations by CADRE community members offer windows into the latest, the greatest, and the challenging questions emerging from DR K-12 projects.

Title First Name Last Name Yearsort icon
Including English Language Learners in the Process of Test Development: A Study on Instrument Linguistic Adaptation for Cognitive Validity Cadre Admin 2010
2010 DR K-12 PI Meeting Poster Kimberle Koile 2010
Developing a Conceptual Framework for the Mentoring Relationship. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2010
Impact of Organizational Supports for Math Instruction on the Instructional Quality of Beginning Teachers. Katherine Taylor Haynes 2010
Unpacking Core Teaching Practices in Elementary Mathematics to Support Teacher Learning and Assessment (Boerst, Moss, Blunk) Timothy Boerst 2009
Analysis of Children’s Mechanistic Reasoning about Linkages and Levers in the Context of Engineering Design (Benenson, Bolger, Kobiela) Gary Benenson 2009
Establishing and Nurturing Effective Partnerships among University Faculty, Public School Administrators, and Classroom Teachers (Boger, Davis, Liles) David Boger 2009
Professional Learning Communities in STEM Teaching (Britton, Fulton) Kathleen Fulton 2009
Plenary Presentation: The Opportunity Equation: Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy (Cahill) Cadre Admin 2009
Looking for PCK in All the Wrong Places? (Carlson, Taylor) Janet Carlson 2009
What Knowledge Mediates Teachers’ Appropriation of High Leverage Practices? (Cartier, Lancaster) Jennifer Cartier 2009
A Framework and Suite of Adaptable Instruments for Examining Fidelity of Implementation (Century) Jeanne Century 2009
SURGE: Connecting students' intuitive understandings about kinematics and Newtonian mechanics into explicit formalized frameworks (Clark) Douglas Clark 2009
The Role of the Institutional Setting in Teachers’ Development of Ambitious Instructional Practices in Middle-Grades Mathematics (Jackson, Cobb, McGraner) Kara Jackson 2009
Mathematics Teachers Teaching English Language Learners: What Knowledge Do They Need? (Driscoll, Heck, Chval) Mark Driscoll 2009
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