Miss that session that was all the buzz? These presentations by CADRE community members offer windows into the latest, the greatest, and the challenging questions emerging from DR K-12 projects.

Title First Name Last Name Yearsort icon
A Framework and Suite of Adaptable Instruments for Examining Fidelity of Implementation (Century) Jeanne Century 2009
SURGE: Connecting students' intuitive understandings about kinematics and Newtonian mechanics into explicit formalized frameworks (Clark) Douglas Clark 2009
The Role of the Institutional Setting in Teachers’ Development of Ambitious Instructional Practices in Middle-Grades Mathematics (Jackson, Cobb, McGraner) Kara Jackson 2009
Mathematics Teachers Teaching English Language Learners: What Knowledge Do They Need? (Driscoll, Heck, Chval) Mark Driscoll 2009
Designing Powerful Digital Environments for Professional Development (Fosnot) Catherine Fosnot 2009
Teacher Quality, Quality Teaching, and Student Outcomes: Measuring the Relationships (Hill) Heather Hill 2009
Growth of Empowerment in Career Science Teachers - Project Instrument Development (Hobbs, Moreland) Mary Hobbs 2009
Computer-based Assessment (Horwitz) Paul Horwitz 2009
Equity and Access to High-quality Instruction in Middle School Mathematics (Jackson) Kara Jackson 2009
Situated assessment using virtual environments for science content and inquiry (Ketelhut, Nelson, Schifter) Diane Jass Ketelhut 2009
Examining the Induction of Middle School Mathematics Teachers (McGraner) Kristin McGraner 2009
Design Patterns: Supporting Task Design by Scaffolding the Assessment Argument (Mislevy, Haertel, Cheng) Robert Mislevy 2009
Positive Learning Environments Aiming for Success In Science Education PLEASSE (Norman) Obed Norman 2009
Using Teaching Routines with Classroom Network Technology to Support Improved Classroom Assessment (Penuel, Schank) William Penuel 2009
Standards in K-12 Tech Literacy & Engineering: Implications for Design & Research (Schunn) Cadre Admin 2009
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