PI Meeting FAQs

Below are answers to some common questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send us an e-mail at CADRE@edc.org.

Who is invited to attend?

PIs of active DRK-12 projects have been invited to attend the PI Meeting. If space is available, CADRE will send an email to invited PIs announcing that registration is open to a second project member. 

What if I’m an invited PI and cannot attend?

If you are unable to attend, you can nominate a replacement representative from your project by having them fill out the registration form as a PI substitute.

How do I know that I am successfully registered?

You should receive an email confirming the submission of your registration. Please allow up to two weeks to receive official notification that your registration has been accepted.

What if I am waitlisted?

Registration for the meeting is on a first-come, first-served basis for invited PIs. Once we reach capacity, we will place additional registrants on a wait-list. We will notify waitlisted awardees in the order of their registration when and if a space becomes available.

Who covers the cost of attending the PI Meeting?

There is no registration fee to attend the PI meeting. Your grant must assume costs for PI Meeting travel and accommodations. If you do not have access to funds for your own participation in the meeting, you should contact your NSF program officer.

If I registered for the meeting, will I automatically have a hotel reservation? 

No. You will need to reserve a room. Reservation information will be sent in your registration confirmation email. Please do not reserve a room until your meeting registration has been confirmed.

If I have a hotel reservation, will I be automatically registered for the meeting? 

No. Please be sure you are responding to an invitation from CADRE to register for the meeting, complete the online registration survey, and wait to receive your confirmation (please allow up to two weeks for the confirmation or waitlist notice). Once the meeting is at capacity, CADRE can only allow attendees off the waitlist if there is a cancellation.

I can no longer attend, how do I cancel?

Please email cadre@edc.org ASAP so that we can allow someone to attend from the waitlist. In addition, please remember to cancel your hotel room by calling the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel at 202-328-2000

How can I make the most out of the meeting?

  • Meet with your Program Officer: Contact your program officer soon to schedule a time to meet during the meeting. In addition to private meetings, there will be time for informal conversations.
  • Participate in the poster hall: When preparing your poster, think about the kind of feedback that you want to solicit in addition to the information that you will share. Consider inviting colleagues and your NSF program officer to visit your poster. Plan for these sessions by previewing the list of projects that will be represented by a poster, visiting project pages to learn more about the work, and pre-planning what questions you might want to ask about those particular projects. And don’t forget to leave time to peruse the other posters.
  • Network during your free time: Take advantage of meals, breaks, and other unstructured time to meet informally with your colleagues. The participant list will be available prior to the meeting. Learn who will attend and make plans accordingly.

How do I register to present a poster at the general poster hall?

Project PIs (and/or PI substitutes) may register to present a poster when filling out the registration form to attend the PI meeting. An additional opportunity to register a poster will be sent out by email to registered attendees in April. 

How do I participate in the virtual poster hall?

Please send your poster file (png, jpg or ppt) as soon as possible, and preferably before the PI meeting, to cadre@edc.org. We will upload it to cadrek12.org for you.

I am a DRK-12 awardee, how do I update my cadrek12.org profile and project information?

Login at http://www.cadrek12.org/user. Your username is typically your first name and last name (for ex. John Doe). If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

  • Update you profile: Go to your profile page, click the edit tab, then click the Member Profile button to access the profile information visible on the site.
  • Update your project information: Go to your project page and click the edit tab to revise your project information.
  • To upload a resource: Go to http://cadrek12.org/node/add/resource, and fill out the form (important: to affiliate the resource to your project, click the “Project or Group Affiliation” link at the bottom of the form and select your project.

Alternatively, you are welcome to send any updates to cadre@edc.org and we can make these changes for you. 

What food will be provided and what if I have special dietary requirements?

We will provide a light breakfast on June 4 and 5, and lunch on June 4. All other meals are on your own and a great time for networking. If you have special dietary requirements, please respond to the question about special food requirements in the registration form. Meals will be served buffet style to accommodate for varying diets to the degree that the hotel can do so.

What is the dress code?

Business casual, with layers for cold or hot meeting spaces!

Can I bring my kids?

While we are all in the business of helping children learn, this is not an appropriate venue for children. Please make other arrangements.