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Crossroads at the 2012 DR K-12 PI Meeting

Battling isolation is a continual challenge for science and math educators. As a novice science teacher, the closing of the classroom door effectively cut me off from all support systems. Later, as a university teacher educator, my interests in school-based teacher preparation isolated me from campus-bound traditions. And now, as a PI of an NSF project I realize that running a grant-funded project brings new ways to feel alone.

Beyond Standards, Curriculum, and Teaching: Attending Not Just to Supply, but to Demand

GoldenbergEditor's Note: People like us (DR K-12) are primarily funded to understand and/or fix parts of the supply chain in education. If something isn't working well, we fix standards or testing or administration or curriculum or teaching, etc. Goldenberg suggests that, in addition to thinking about the supply side of education, we research and think about influencing the demand side as well.


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