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Conceptual Replications in STEM Education Research

Despite the abundant and frequent calls for replication studies from research communities (e.g., Shavelson & Towne, 2002) and funding agencies (e.g., IES & NSF, 2013), the number of such studies remains stubbornly small. For example, in an analysis of all articles published since 1900 in the top 10 psychological journals, Makel, Plucker, and Hegarty (2012) found that less than 1% were replication studies.

Reporting Findings to Decision-Makers and Project Participants

As DRK-12 researchers conducting empirical studies of interventions in science education, the findings from our studies are important to multiple audiences. While the dissemination plan might be one of the last sections we write in our proposals, and one of the last pieces we consider during the timeline of a project, it is probably the most important activity we engage in.

Liberating Our Young, Gifted & Black: The Role of STEM Education in Addressing the Existential Threat of Racism, White Supremacy, and Systemic Violence

Racism, white supremacy, and systemic violence

Solve: 5 - 7k = -4(k+1) - 3

The teacher, frustrated with her inability to teach 13-year old Mia how to solve multi-step equations, began berating her in front of the entire class asking, “Why do we even bother to have these 504 meetings if you're not going to pay attention and turn in your homework?” before sending her out of the room.

Removing the Shield

I identify as both a Black woman and a woman of color from North Carolina. I am an informal STEM educator currently going into my third year as a doctoral student. As I navigate academia, I find that I am drawn to creating spaces where historically marginalized youth feel that they can bring their whole selves and engage in learning in ways that have traditionally been overlooked.

Subject Matter Knowledge is Important!

Any educator knows that content knowledge is important in teaching. In our work, we have been thinking about content knowledge as subject matter knowledge. For us, we see subject matter knowledge as knowledge in the discipline taught by a teacher. It often includes an understanding about how the discipline advances, along with what is known within the discipline.


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