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Rural and Ready: Embracing the Assets and Needs of Rural Schools and Districts

Pam BuffingtonOver the last few years, rural schools and communities have received increased visibility in the media and in the broader educational conversation, with depictions of rural places presented in many ways: idyllic due to their natural resources and beauty; characterized, and sometimes villainized, by perceived political leanings; highlighted for their pockets of extreme poverty; or on occasion recognized for their innovative place-bas

Algebra in the Early Grades: Setting the Stage for Future Studies and a Math Mindset

Colleen HenryIf you had asked me a few years ago how I was preparing my second graders for their future studies in algebra, I would have laughed! Algebra is for teenagers and addition and subtraction facts are for second I realize how wrong I was. I was fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing STEM professional development for early elementary mathematics instruction.

Key Features of Successful Partnerships: Reflections from the TRU-Lesson Study Team

CADRE invited the PIs of the TRUmath and Lesson Study: Supporting Fundamental and Sustainable Improvement in High School Mathematics Teaching project (Grant Nos. 15033421503454) to reflect on the lessons they've learned from their work at the district level.


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