Additional Spotlights

This Spotlight highlights opportunities, resources, and projects that aim to increase involvement in STEM.
In this spotlight, explore a variety of resources designed to assist early career researchers and developers, including details about the CAREER Program and advice for effective mentoring.
In this spotlight, explore NSF-funded projects and resources that focus on early learning opportunities.
In this spotlight, explore DR K-12 games and simulations designed to support science and math learning. 
In this spotlight, DR K-12 project members share their work with ELLs, the challenges involved, and strategies for working effectively in this area. 
In this spotlight, DR K-12 project teams present their environmental and earth science work to illustrate how to integrate the three dimensions of NGSS. 
K-12 Engineering Education (2015)
This Spotlight provides examples of NSF-funded programs that show promise for educating future generations of scientifically literate and engineering-talented adults. 

Mentoring (2015)
This spotlight features resources on mentoring strategies and plans.

New Measurement Paradigms (2012)
In this spotlight, take a closer look at the New Measurement Paradigms (NMP) Report and the people and projects involved in the NMP work group.

STEM Practices: Scientific Modeling (2017)
This spotlight highlights resources developed to support scientific modeling.

Using Story in STEM Education (2014)
In this spotlight, listen to PIs Roy Gould and Jackie Miller discuss their work and explore the question, "Why is story such a powerful tool in the classroom?"